BJP’s attack on Sonia Gandhi’s ‘across’ statement, Javadekar said – Preparation for violence was going on for two months

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BJP leader Prakash Javadekar has slammed Congress President Sonia Gandhi on the Delhi violence. He said that this is not two days of violence, people have been being instigated for two months. After the Citizenship Amendment Act was passed, Soniaji held a rally in Ramlila Maidan, in which she said that it is a cross-border battle, a decision has to be taken on this or that side. The act of abetment started from there. 

On the question asked about the statement of the BJP leaders, he said that Amit Shah had said that the country is as much as it belongs to the Muslims of the country. Rajnath Singh had said that the Muslims of India are my brothers, they will not let any harm come to them. Javadekar said that these are the official statements of our leaders. If someone else has made a statement and the court will take action according to the law. 

Javadekar said that the violence in Delhi was due to inaccurate rhetoric. In 1984, Rajiv Gandhi had said that if a tree shakes, many leaves fall. At the same time, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that this is a cross-border battle over CAA. He said that AAP councilor Tahir has been accused of violence in the past. He is also named in the FIR for the December 20 violence. Ashala is found in Tahir’s house, which suggests that the riots were ready. The AAP and the Congress are silent on this. ‘AAP’ MLA Amanatullah Khan had said that coming to the CAA will forbid you to wear a hat. Raising Jinnah freedom slogans in Shaheen Bagh and 15 crore heavyweight statements at 100 crores are responsible for Delhi violence. 

He said that instead of going to the riot-hit areas, the Chief Minister of Delhi is telling the religion of those who died in these riots in the assembly. Yesterday Soniaji held a press conference and today reached the President’s doorstep and blaming the BJP there. He said that on December 14 at the Ramlila ground, Soniaji said that this is a cross-border battle, a decision has to be taken on this or that side. Priyanka said that lakhs will be taken captive, those who do not fight will be called cowards. Rahul Gandhi said that you should not be afraid, Congress is with you. 

Javadekar said that nobody’s citizenship is to be known, knowing that it is the background to deliberately create such misrepresentation and fear. The act of abetment started from there.

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