Breaking News:Dog in Kerala Had its Mouth Sealed with a Tape, Rescued After Days of Torture

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Thiruvananthapuram: A few days ago, the death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala after it consumed fruit laden with explosives shocked the world. Within a few weeks, another animal has fallen victim to the bestiality of human beings.

This time around, a dog was subjected to brutality with its mouth tightly sealed with a tape wound around it. The three-year-old dog was rescued and hospitalised by the members of People for Animal Welfare Services (PAWS).

Unable to sip water or eat food, the dog was found wandering along the streets in Ollur area of Thrissur district. The tape was tightly looped in several layers, enough to reveal the bones around the canine’s nose. When the rescuers approached the dog, the canine cooperated with them showing how desperate it was to get rid of the tapes. When the rescuers managed to remove the tape, some parts of the dog’s skin came off as well.

The dog has a collar tied around its neck, which means the animal is probably domesticated. Immediately after the sealing was removed, it had gulped down about two litres of water. Now, a homemaker has expressed willingness to take the dog into adoption.

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