George Floyd was buried, More than 500 people attended the funeral

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African-American George Floyd was buried at a church in Houston after a tribute meeting. More than 500 bereaved people attended this meeting. Significantly, after Floyd’s death in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25, mass protests began in several other countries, including the US, to protest racial discrimination.

The video of a white police officer kneeling his knee with a handcuffed Floyd’s neck went viral. The video shows the officer holding the neck of 46-year-old Floyd by his knee for at least eight minutes. During this time Floyd appears to be talking about breathlessness. In the video, police officer Derek Chauvin does not remove his knee even after he has stopped moving and speaking. This video was made by a passerby.

All four police officers seen in the video have been charged. Following Floyd’s death, there have been frequent violent protests. Looting incidents are also happening in many places. Floyd’s body was brought here for the funeral on Saturday. He is buried near his mother.

Over the past two weeks, Floyd has become a household name and a worldwide campaign for the elimination of racism. Hundreds of people stood in the way and outside the crematorium despite the scorching heat when Floyd was being carried to the funeral in a golden coffin at the white horse mare.

Floyd’s six-year-old daughter, Jiana, also attended the tribute gathering with her mother, although she does not know how her father died. In honor of Floyd’s memory, Texas Southern University has announced a full scholarship to her daughter.

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