Life saving done by MSF/ RPF staff of Kalyan

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Representative :- Shoaib Khalifa and Salman Khalifa

KALYAN : Life saving done by MSF/ RPF staff of Kalyan.

Today on 28.07.20 Passenger namely Dilip Bhikan Mandge 52 yrs, PNR no 8531835227 was supposed to travel in train no 01071 Kamayani exp in S-11/ 44, 41 along with his son but boarded train no 01061 Pawan exp.

As soon as he realised he has boarded wrong train he tried to get down from the rolling train, but fall down and was going down in tracks.

MSF staff Somnath Mahajan and SIPF K Sahu who were present immediately pulled him away from the train and hence prevented a mishap.

The passenger received minor injuries but was stable.

He was asked for any medical assistance but refused and thanked RPF for the same.

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