Twitter places fact check label for tweet that mention 5G and Covid-19 together

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Twitter seems to have started fact checking more number of tweets that specifically talk about 5G connectivity and Covid-19 pandemic in a single post. If this rings a bell, it’s the same theory that floated back in April this year. As per rumours, 5G wireless networks were apparently carrying Covid-19 virus to more number of people, which later turned out to be bizarre and false news. Apple and Google had to step in to get it right and this was also confirmed by the official Twitter handle of the Government of India. Now Twitter is fact checking such tweets and are adding a label to them.

The label is a clickable one that leads the user straight to fact-checking organisations and government agencies who have debunked the theory. The label is titled ‘Get the facts about Covid-19’.

“Last month, we announced that we are introducing new labels and warning messages to provide additional context and information on some Tweets containing disputed or misleading information related to Covid-19,” the firm confirmed in a statement to Business Insider. It was added that the microblogging website will likely remove most of those tweets that include “a call to action that could potentially cause harm”.

Just to get the facts straight:

– 5G does not cause Covid-19.

– 5G networks use radio waves to transmit data.

– The coronavirus is spread by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

– The coronavirus DOES NOT travel through radio waves.

Twitter started fact checking for the first time last month with US President, Donald Trump’s tweet.

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