Viral Video :’20-Minute-Old’ Elephant Calf Taking its First Steps Brings Joy to Twitter

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Even as Indians debated the death of a pregnant elephant who died after consuming a cracker-laced pineapple in Kerala, a video of a baby elephant and its mother is bringing cheer on the internet.

The video, shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Services officer Susanta Nanda, depicts a baby elephant learning to take its fledgling first steps under the caring guidance and supervision of its mother.

As per Nanda, the video was shot just about 20 minutes since the birth of the calf. “A twenty minutes old calf. Finding its feet and dancing into his new world,” Nanda wrote on Twitter. “A feet that will take him miles and miles in coming days,” he wrote.

The video has been garnering hundreds of positive responses on Twitter and has over 9,000 likes.

The video appeared days after videos and images of the pregnant elephant, who died after eating a fruit filled with explosives in the Palakkad region of Kerala. The incident caused severe outrage, even as reports countered initial claims that the elephant was wilfully fed the pineapple out of cruelty.

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